Size Guide - Hats

The cloche hat is supposed to fit on the head snugly and hang elegantly over the forehead at an angle. For this, you need to find a cloche hat that is of the same size as your head.

Our hats are available in five different sizes. The measurements below are of the ‘exact’ circumference of your head. When constructing the hat we add extra room for wearing ease. Go for the bigger size if you are between sizes.

XS : 22 inches (56 cm.)
S : 22 ½ inches (57 cm.)
M : 23 inches (58.5 cm.)
L : 23 ½ inches (60 cm.)
XL : 24 inches (61 cm.)


Loosen your hair if it is tied up. Use a soft measuring tape. Begin from your forehead about 1- 1 1/2 inches (2-3 cm.) above your eyebrows. Wrap the tape around your head, passing under the tip of your ear, and around the lower part of your occipital bone (lower back of your head). Measure a few times to get it right. Use this exact measurement to choose your size. Do not add extra, because we add wearing ease to this when making the hat. If between sizes, choose the larger size.

See this chart below for instructions.